Friday, May 30, 2014

Google's driver less car for India

Hello Google!

We came to know what you are going to come up with some driver less cars.  Cool man! You people rock!  Well, being an Indian driver (please note, driver is always used for a MALE, who drives a car or anything.  If a female is driving, we call her female/lady driver), I have some inputs/ideas for the Indian version of your driver less car.

1) Horns please: We don't mind if there are no steering wheels, clutch or break etc.  But Horns- they are a must for us. Because horn is something is an entertainment system, tension buster and an ego booster for us.  You have absolutely no idea how well we  express our emotions using horn.

2) Headlight High/Low beam button:  Well, in this case, it is not about emotion. This is to show our commitment or social responsibility to other drivers. During day time if we see a car approaching us with its headlight on, we furiously use the high and low beam to warn him that his headlights are on.  Our life is directly connected to the headlight of the other car.  If that is on, it is like my life is burning out.  At the same time, if I see the same car, same driver, with the same headlight during night, naah...I will not even touch my low/high beam switch.  You know, during the night, my headlights are my status symbol, how can I dim them!  In short, forget the steering, clutch etc, we need horn and low/high beam switches.

3) JetPack:  Well, this is for those moments when we see a lady driver on the road. Maybe she is driving a better/powerful car than mine, maybe she is a better driver, but I got to overtake her, you know... So, a jet pack near the horn and head light switch is a must.

4) Wings:  Well, this would be the next most used item after the horn.  After years and years of competitions in schools/colleges, we are used to racing with anything and everything. That is what our parents taught us. It is there in our blood.  So, if anyone tries to overtake us, it creates a huge impact on our egos.  Especially when we are driving with our lady colleague, or girlfriend.  So, we might judiciously use the above Jet pack in these situations! But, if anyone tries to overtake us, with a press of a button, two or three or four wings should appear, which should block all area around my car so that the other driver cannot overtake me, till I stop my car.

5) Pom-Pom Window:  A small one.  Which can be opened quickly.  You know, if the indicator of any car or bike is flashing and there are no left or right turn ahead,  we go to overtake them, risking our lives and his/her life, and put our hands out and show this Pom-Pom signal, so that they switch off their indicator. (Ya, we risk our lives to warn about indicator, but will not give 5 cm space for anyone to overtake us)  And when the other driver switches off the indicator, we pat our own back, as it is a proof that we care fellow drivers on the road! Wife who sits next to us, normally flashes an approving smile for such brave acts.  So,please note down, a Pom-Pom window in your driver less car is a must!

6) Mallu Hazard Light:  Well, this can be a unique feature for the cars in Kerala, the southern most state of India.  As soon as the first drop of rain falls on the glass, we love to switch on the hazard light.  The safety feeling that those lights give, oh man....We just love the feel of pushing that button.  So, please don’t let your driver less car take away our happiness around hazard light.

7) Crowed Sensor :  As the car goes, if there is a crowd somewhere on the road side, the car should automatically slow down, roll its windows down, lift my seat up by a few meters so that  I can peep into the traffic block and get a clear view of what is happening.  Even I can click a few pictures on my smartphone!
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