Wednesday, January 11, 2012

മാജിക്‌ കണ്ണുകള്‍.

What you see in this pic...they are very powerful eyes. They are going to change someone else's life in a BIG way...very BIG way. 

I am sure, a good number of eyes looking at these eyes (including your's of course!) are not as mighty as these two eyes. These two are going to live a very very long time.

Wonder, who owns those two eyes now ? Me. :) 
How many of you have pledged to donate your eyes ? I did. Two years ago. 

I am glad that two blind people can see this beautiful world through my eyes, after my death. Eye retrieval does not cause disfigurement, so, I will look sexy even in my coffin! ;) 

Ahha..most important question: Can you name even a single religion that says eye donation is bad for your life after death? I don't think there is any.

Even if the deceased person has not signed an eye donation form, still, relatives of the deceased can decide on donating the eyes of their beloved. 

Things to remember :
1) Keep eyes of the deceased closed and covered with moist cotton.
2) Switch off ceiling fan, if any, directly over the deceased person
3) If possible, apply antibiotic eye drops periodically in the deceased’s eyes to reduce the chance of any infection.
4) Raise the head of the deceased by about six inches, if possible, to reduce the chances of bleeding at the time of eyes 

You can walk into any hospital, they will help you. Or let me know, I will be happy to help you. Many of friends, and my wife have already donated their eyes!

All you need is beautiful and brave heart.
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